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New Patient Reviews

Meticulous and Exact

I am just amazed of how the staff are! They are meticulous and exact in their work. I am very happy that Dr. Kahlid could take me in such a short notice as I have never been in to a chiropractor before. Dr. Kahlid made my first visit so much easier by explaining what the percentage for my recovery would look like. I am very thankful for the work he is doing, and we are lucky to have just a nice practice here in Barrhaven.

Shamim S.

My Saving Grace

My first experience, I called on a Thursday desperate in seeking help, Nikki was going to book me the following Monday, cause I had sent an email seeking a morning appointment. However, after she heard my story and that I was at my wits end with my suffering chronic pain, she told me to come in that afternoon. From the get go, Nikkita, Kim, and Dr. Mankal made me feel comfortable. Dr. Mankal and his team will not diagnose you with a blind eye, there is a variety of test they will administer prior to your diagnosis, which truly reassured me.

I am currently on my 5th week, and considering the variety of issues I am going through, I am seeing and feeling optimistic about my future. Every time Dr. Mankal adjust you, he has the magic eye to see your alignment and by feeling your spine, knowing what needs to be adjusted. They are my saving grace.

Sylvie R.

Appreciated the Care and Concern

I truly appreciated all staff’s care and concern when I came to appointments feeling poorly: offers of water and help with my grandchild were beyond my expectations. Also, Dr. Mankal was extremely thorough in his analysis of my health conditions; he has given me hope that perhaps my health will improve with treatment so that I can once again do the activities I once did.

Ramona M.

Absoutely Love the Staff

I absolutely loved the staff! The environment was welcoming, explanations and instructions were given every step of the way, total flexibility in scheduling!! I feel very comfortable and it’s only been a few sessions. I would recommend this office to friends and family!

Kim S.

I Was Totally Impressed

For my first visit, I was totally impressed by how much attention and kindness there is put towards the patients and knowing that I’m going to feel better soon puts great confidence in my heart. Thank you for what you do.

Tracey G.

I Would Recommend This Office

I absolutely loved the staff! The environment was welcoming, explanations and instructions were given every step of the way, total flexibility in scheduling!! I feel very comfortable and it’s only been a few sessions. I would recommend this office to friends and family!

Kim S.

Dr. Kahlid Mankal is Very Knowledgable

The Doctor and his staff are well organized and punctual. Dr. Kahlid Mankal is very knowledgable and interacts with me and remembers me as an individual. He called me home after my first adjustment to follow up and check if I noticed any improvement.

Hassan O.

No Longer in Agonizing Pain

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and especially Dr. Mankal for treating Tony’s condition as a priority! You know how much pain he was in and unable to walk on his own, but after 2 adjustments he’s walking around, moving freely and no longer in agonizing pain. We are both excited to get healthy and maintain regular treatments at your clinic. I highly recommend Barrhaven Family Chiropractic.

Tony and Lena P.

I am grateful to have found Dr Kahlid Mankal

I believe I was divinely guided to him, as it all came about in an unusual way. My sister, who lives in the Niagara Region, noticed that I had lost height and she mentioned it to her chiropractor there, who suggested I see Dr Mankal. I sensed a lovely energy about him and, I have confidence that he will be able to improve my health and ultimately, my quality of life.

Patricia H.

Looking Forward to Pain Free Activity

Excellently communicated explanations…very hopeful that I will be getting relief from current situation and that long term issues will be dealt with as much as possible…looking forward to pain free activity in the near future and forward!

John G.

Wonderful Staff – So Happy I Came!

The staff is wonderful! I especially liked seeing the slide show of actual patients and their great success. I appreciate that there is a schedule for my recovery and that I will be re-evaluated throughout this time, to ensure progress. I love that he takes a good look at my posture after my adjustment to again ensure progress. For the first time in many years of going to traditional chiropractic, I finally feel that there will be progress made with my chronic pain as opposed to just treating my symptoms. So happy I came!

Michelle B.

We Are Touched With The Quality Of Care Received

Dr. Mankal,
We would like to let you know how touched we are with the quality of care we receive at the Barrhaven Chiropractic Centre. In one word it is awesome. The care that we receive is tailored to our situation, but the personal touch is what makes it truly world-class. That personal touch starts with the care you take with us as patients, treating us as family members. This quality transcends the staff as well, as both Kim and Brittany treat us as siblings, ensuring that our experience each week is better than the last. In a world that has moved to embrace technology, that personal touch is being lost, while you and the team are adding more touches. The client appreciation events, pictures,personalized thank you notes and the overall care that the team places on each of us is truly extraordinary.

We thank you and the team for all you have done for us.

Kind Regards,
Mona & Paul P.

Wish I’d Of Found You Sooner

“I deeply regret that I did not find Dr. Mankal and his staff years ago.”

Helen B.

Friendly Staff

“The staff is friendly + great to deal with”

Leonel L.

Amazing Progress!

“Amazing progress! I can do a lot more now than I ever did before. You guys are awesome!”

Kathy Y.