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  • What a wonderful team you have at the clinic, my family and I truly felt welcome from our first steps through the door. Thanks!

    -Nathalie B.
  • I am confident that my spine can be re-aligned to be better.

    -Monique C.
  • Great welcoming. Very well organized. Dr.Mankal is very professional and has a very nice approach to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Great team work. Thanks again!

    -Richard G.
  • I really feel like Dr. Mankal went above and beyond to help me understand what was going on with myself and to help be during this time of worry in the community.

    -Colby J.
  • The Best Team you can ever deal with. So glad i will be treated by Dr. Mankal.

    -Tamer B.
  • Dr. Mankal is definitely very professional and thorough. His clinic is fully equipped with X-Ray and spine thermal detector to ensure the best measurement. The staff in the clinic is friendly, energetic, and helpful.

    -Stephen W.
  • Amazing place amazing smiles everywhere. I have big hopes from first visit …. I hope they will be able to help me.

    -Ahmed A.
  • You are all lovely, and the girls at the front desk are such a cheerful and friendly welcome as I enter the clinic.

    -Shannon B.
  • Outstanding, OHIP should cover chiropractic care, it is THAT GOOD!

    -Paul P.
  • Such a warm, friendly staff.

    -Morgan W.
  • I am just amazed of how the staff are! they are meticulous and exact in their work. I am very happy that Dr. Kahlid could take me in such a short notice as i have never been in to a chiropractor before Dr. Kahlid made my first visit so much easy by explaining of what the percentage for my recovery would look like. I am very thankful for the work he is doing, and we are lucky to have just a nice practice here in Barrhaven.

    -Shamim S.
  • You have made a positive difference in my life in a very short time. Thank you so much.

    -Karyne M.
  • Very welcoming staff and environment! They make you feel very comfortable and explain everything in detail.

    -Melissa B.
  • I am very pleased with what we have seen so far :)

    -Mohamed I.
  • Extremely grateful to have found you, you and your people make this experience very easy to deal with. Every time I visit you, You all make me feel like I am visiting an old friend. Very grateful.

    -Michael A.
  • The Best Team you can ever deal with. So glad I will be treated by Dr. Mankal.

    -Tamer B.
  • Thank you for the follow up after the first visit!

    -Charles S.
  • Very professional, yet easy to understand explanation of my situation.

    -Ben V.
  • I find the office extremely efficient – friendly, always called by name + attention to assist where needed.

    -Diane P.
  • Dr.Mankal and his team made me feel extremely welcomed and comfortable. I am looking forward to all the results we will accomplish together!

    -Brett M.
  • You guys are awesome!

    -Amanda M.
  • Very welcoming and professional clinic. It was a referral and I am very pleased thus far.

    -Elena B.
  • Everyone was very professional and kind. I am excited at the prospects of feeling better!

    -Andrea F.
  • I am a senior who has seen Dr. Mankal more than ten years. If I have a problem, I check with him before I see my GP. Much better to have an issue taken care of by chiropractic adjustments than drugs.

  • We are so happy! After almost a year of stomach pain, seeing all kinds of doctor’s with no relief. Our son is finally starting to feel better thanks to Dr. Mankal.

    -Cathy K.
  • You have made a positive difference in my life in a very short time. Thank you so much!

    - Karyne M
  • Very personal and caring experience.

    -Scott D.
  • Since the beginning of my treatments I already feel the difference. I don’t experience knee pain any longer & the discomfort in my lower back is much less.

    -Pauline B.
  • Dr. Mankal is a pro.

    -Mark H.
  • Exceptional care and very efficient!

    -Georgina S.
  • I feel a million times better. Nikkyta and Kim are so warm, supportive and amazing. They brighten my day!

    -Josie S.
  • It was a relief to finally have a diagnosis for my chronic pain

    -Karen M.
  • Very welcoming and professional clinic. It was a referral and I am very pleased thus far.

    -Elena V.
  • I’m extremely happy and very confident that I will get my health issues resolved. Dr Mankal has the experience and knowledge and I’m very confident I’ll be happy with the results.

    -Daniel S.
  • La Creme de la Creme in Chiro

    -Zena N.
  • We have our son back!

    -Jayne S.
  • Thank you very much. I appreciate the thorough initial assessment. I feel like I’m in good hands.

    -Beth W.

Welcome to Barrhaven Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

Nepean Chiropractor Offers A Different Experience

Do you ever feel like “just a number” when you walk into a doctor’s office?

Have you ever felt rushed out of the office with barely a chance to speak with your doctor? Is your medicine cabinet packed full to bursting?

“We believe you were born to be extraordinary, and your health is your biggest asset!”

Nepean chiropractor Dr. Kahlid Mankal welcomes you to Barrhaven Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, where every day that you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by your first name.

Our family-oriented atmosphere allows you take a breath and relax, enjoy a tea and chat with our fantastic practice members. We have been fortunate to work with people from all walks of life – from newborns to seniors – and we have experienced miracles.

Chiropractic is a lifestyle that involves all aspects of wellness. Even though our focus is on NeuroStructural correction, we take into account your lifestyle and make customized recommendations so that you function at your optimal health potential.

Our practice members agree that even the most chronic health challenges respond beautifully to our methods of care:

We’d love to meet you.

Call our office to schedule an appointment or a complimentary phone consultation. (613) 823-7900

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