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Stop the Headache Insanity!

Have you ever had a TERRIBLE headache?

It can be debilitating and pretty much ruin your day.

Well, there are millions of people who deal with headaches EVERYDAY. And many take drugs to mask the symptoms.

And guess the top side effect of many “headache” medications…

….drum roll please…


Here are a few fast facts:

  • “The efficacy of pharmacological management for cervicogenic headache is poor and medication overuse is frequent.”
  • “An Australian RCT with high methodological quality reported 71% of the participants having >50% reduction in headache frequency while 33% reported 100% improvement in the spinal manipulative therapy group.”

Yes, you read that correctly- research has shown that medications are pretty ineffective, and chiropractic care produces more than 50% relief in almost 75% of people.

Its safe,its effective and it has helped millions live a happier lives!

If you know someone that suffers,please share this blog with them,they will thank you.


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