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SIDS-A Gut-Brain Connection-What Can Parents Do?

Sudden infant death syndrome- A parents worst nightmare!!

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is defined as a sudden unexplained death in the first year of life in a previously healthy infant. The cause of death remains unknown, despite detailed investigations, including a complete autopsy, death scene investigation, and review of clinical history.It continues to be a major cause of infant mortality in the western world.

Being a parent,I could not imagine this type of loss!

This new article points to the gut-brain connection,known as the “Microbiome.”

The human adult gut has about 10 to the 14th power of microorganisms, 10x the human cells and 150-fold the amount of human DNA . The human gut microbiome comprises more than 1,000 species, predominantly obligate anaerobes, and includes viruses, protozoa, archaea, and fungi.

So,there are many reasons why SIDS occurs.One of them may be when the babies gut flora is not optimized.Especially since the first heathy meal,so to speak, for the baby is supposed to be from the vaginal canal of its mother.Now over 50% of babies are born C-section,will never get this first major introduction to an optimized brain-body connection! 


This gut-brain connection effects all of us,especially the growing child. Any neurological challenges kids face,like ADHD,Autism,learning and sensory challenges can be possibly helped by optimizing the microbiome, as this can impact the entire well being of the child. This is why I recommend to all moms,and moms to be to take a non-dairy based supplement .This could be one of the easiest ways to prevent this horrible tragedy and to move towards a much healthier pathway for mom and baby!

Next time when you are at the office,ask our team for the brand we recommend and take for our families.


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