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Secrets To PERMANENT Weight Loss

Growing up as a “fat” kid was not easy,and being picked last for sports teams always hurt! I never really knew why I was overweight, I always ate what my mom made us.I even thought it was healthy because I grew up in loving Lebanese family that made most things fresh!

It wasn’t until I went to graduate school in St.Louis MO., to study to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. It really comes down to simple biochemistry,not our genes as most people think!

There are only 3 main energy sources from our foods ,that are required to give energy to our 70 trillion cells. Carbohydrates,proteins and fat. Excess energy is always stored in unlimited quantities known as FAT!

The biggest lie we have believed is that eating a low fat diet is the way to a healthy life. Look what it has got us-An epidemic of chronic inflammatory diseases ,type 2 diabetes and obesity! THIS SUCKS! Our health is our biggest asset,as without it EVERYTHING in life changes.

Your beliefs drive your actions.Your actions drive your RESULTS. Do not like your results,like the way you look in mirror,clothes too tight,no energy,diabetes,poor sleep,chronic pain? All health improves once you eat foods that are designed for human genetics,not foods that are told for you eat by big bussiness.

Apply these 5 strategies and watch how great you will feel and look!

1-All Grains break down to SUGAR-sugar is the main reason that will inhibit your ability to breakdown fat and use it for energy. This includes wheat,corn,soy,rice and potatoes[sorry].Follow the wheat belly or Paleo lifestyle.

2-Alot of times when you think your hungry, you are really thirsty-Drink more filtered water[reverse osmosis is best].Add a squeeze of lemon for flavour-DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES[no soda]

3-Start your day with a nutrient dense smoothie that contains whey protein isolate. We love Dream Protein as it is “hormone free.” Adding healthy sources of protein creates a thermogenic effect and burns 3x more calories.

4-Add strength based exercise  to you weekly routine as it is well known that everyone over age 40 will lose 1-2% of muscle mass/year. Not good for weight loss as a pound of muscle burns approximately 2-3x more calories[even when you sleep],and occupies MUCH LESS space on your body!

5-Set goals that are achievable , and have a friend who can act as an accountability partner[thats what personal trainers are]. You will more likely keep to your routine and new lifestyle. Don’t get down on yourself.Everyday is another day to get back on track!

I look forward to hearing your positive changes and challenges-we are in this together!


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