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Not All Omega 3 Oils Are Created Equal

Omega-3 Oil: What You MUST Know!

   Let’s say that we had two different bottles (brands) of

fish oil silting side-by-side. Each bottle had 1,000 mg

capsules. Are the capsules the same? The answer is NO.

Here’s why: With regard to omega-3,there are HUGE

differences with regard to sources, quality. and quantity.

The best source of omega-3 oil is from cold salt-water

fish such as sardines. anchovies. and salmon. Warm water

and fresh water fish are not considered acceptable

sources of omega-3. Did we say that eating warm water

and fresh water fish was bad? No, we did not. They just

aren’t good sources of omega-3.

With regard to quality. a lot has to do with the extraction

process of the oil from its source,,as well as the

elimination of PCBs, dioxins, furans, PAHs, mercury,

and of course. other heavy metals(known as Molecular Distillation). You obviously want

to remove the unwanted junk while still preserving the

quality of the oil.

When it comes to the right amount, here is what you

must know: At the very least, an average adult should

be taking no less than 1.000 EPA per day. We did not

say. “1.000 mg of omega-3 or fish oil per day.” We specifically

mentioned EPA.

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) is the heart and soul of

fish oil. It. along with DHA (which is much more important

for little ones and nursing moms). are what

counts when it comes to omega-3 oil. This is the part that helps reduce inflammation,improves brain and heart function. Two 1.000 mg

capsules may have very different levels of EPA. Some

have as little as 70 mg, and others have as much as 750

mg. The point? Oil…is not oil !

You have to know what to look for. In our practice, we

carry only the finest quality omega-3 oil. We love Bonfire fish oils,as it branded as the worlds best tasting fish oils-we agree! Its the one that my family and I take daily. Is our omega-

3 more expensive than what you’d find at a Costco, Walmart. or supplement store? Absolutely_

We will never apologize for carrying quality


In our practice we focus on NeuroStructural correction and a whole body wellness approach to achieve optimal health!

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