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Healthy Aging Tip that Pays Major Dividends!

  Only 10% of the nerve system perceives PAIN! 90% is involved with regulating function,metabolism and healing. If you develop a spinal Subluxation[structural shift] ,from poor posture,sitting,sports,falls, STRESS, that only effects the functional nerves,you lose function only for now. Lowered resistance to infections, poor sleep,irritability,anxiety,depression,headaches stomach problems ,just to name a few of the secondary conditions that can develop. Eventually ,if the Subluxation is not corrected,it degenerates and causes a type of PAIN syndrome. 

Point here-don’t wait for pain to develop,just like many illness that start BEFORE symptoms begin,like high blood pressure Cancer,heart disease.

Get a detailed Chiropractic spinal check -up today for a healthier tomorrow!


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