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Eating Foods By Design!

Join the movement and start understanding how  and why you should eats foods that are designed[genetically congruent] for human consumption. Applying the simple rules of biochemistry and understanding why “this” certain type of food is destroying your health!


This food group is a “potent endocrine disrupters explaining why women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS, are much worse with grain consumption, why men grow man breasts, why male levels of testosterone drop and estrogen increases, why pituitary prolactin levels are higher, why cortisol action is blocked, and why thyroid health is disrupted by autoimmune inflammation.”


This is one of 10 of the many causes ,as stated by Dr William Davis M.D Cardiologist, and is not being shared with the rest of the world. People are getting sicker,not healthier but following the Canadian Food Guide

Start the journey and come find out what this food group is and what you can do to TAKE CONTROL of your health at our “Upcoming Discovery Workshop”

Sample Dr.Mankal’s home made granola![Grain-free]

Wednesday,April 20th, 7-8pm, Only 8 seats left,email today and register

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Dr.K.Mankal, D.C ,Focusing on NeuroStructural Correction

Wellness Expert,Researcher,Co-AuthorEats_AmandaBeforeAndAfterAuthor

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