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Cervical Syndrome-Do you Know Someone With this?

Cervical Syndrome-A Drugless and Effective Solution to a Complex Problem

This past year, chiropractic research has discovered the mechanisms by which spinal correction/adjustments can clear up so many, apparently diverse symptoms. The condition is called “The Cervical Syndrome”, even though it arises from the upper back, just below the neck. People that suffer with this condition, often see many different medical specialists, who tell these patients nothing appears to be diseased.

The symptoms listed below, have more than one possible cause. Most medical examinations do not look for the Sympathetic Nerve irritation, caused by spinal joint restrictions. If you or someone you know suffers from some of the following symptoms and had no help from medical specialists; it is more likely the result of the spinal cause that we can deal with. Cervical Syndrome, Common Symptoms:

Headache that usually starts in the back of the neck or base of the skull and radiates to the head or around the ears.

–       Slight blurring of vision with slight pupil dilation

–       Dizziness or easy loss of balance

–       Nausea or Poor Digestion

–       Pressure behind the eyes

–       Anxiety

–       Unexplained fainting attacks

–       Ringing in the ears

–       Numbness side of the face, neck, head

–       Tight neck muscles

–       Difficulty Swallowing

–       Pain behind shoulder blade

–       Shoulder Pain, Arm Pain, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

–       Weakness, Pain or Tingling of Arm, Forearm and/or Hand, Weak Grip

–       Increased Sweating

–       Shortness of breath, poor chest expansion

–       Heart Palpitations, Slightly Elevated Blood Pressure or Fast Heart Rate

–       Frontal Chest Pain, normal heart

–       Numbness and Tingling of the Fingers when Awakening that improves during the day

With knowledge comes responsibility….please share with your family and friends.

Dr.Kahlid Mankal B.Sc., D.CANS

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  1. Phyllis Pomfret says
    Feb 16, 2020 at 3:09 PM

    Good article, as you know, I have had and still have many of these issues for years.

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