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Back Pain,Back Packs and Kids-What Parents Need to Know!


It’s that time of year again!
Many young kids complain of back pain ,as they return to school. A study published in BMC 2014 found ”

Urban pupils were younger, carried significantly heavier bags, and less likely to complain about schoolbag weight than the rural pupils. The majority of pupils complained of musculoskeletal pain of which 35.4% was attributed to the schoolbags.”

Can you see why?


Limit backpacks to 20%of child’s body weight.

Wear both straps.

Do the Superman exercise for 30-60sec several times per week. This stimulates greater postural muscle tone to handle greater demands on the body.Parents do it with your kids for fun!

Just like teeth and blood pressure, get a spinal check up early. Sometimes kids are already developing a structural problem from a traumatic birth,falls ,sports injury and general poor posture .

Many adult spinal deformities have roots in the younger years. Take a proactive approach this year,so that you can PREVENT a health crisis later in life!

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