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Dr. Colin Brown, Chiropractor

Photo of Dr. Colin Brown

Dr. Colin Brown

As part of a career guidance program while at school, Colin chose to visit a chiropractor, amongst other health professionals.

After an afternoon of observing, talking and being adjusted, the overriding idea he was left with was why is chiropractic not more wide spread and better understood. It seemed like everyone needed the help that chiropractic offered.

When Dr. Brown was 5 years old, he had a serious bicycle accident. In short, he was operated on to relieve a subdural hematoma.  A surgeon had saved his life, but many years later, chiropractic had made him feel like his body had actually healed.

Dr. Brown studied chiropractic in South Africa. As a student, he was active in the sports program and attended ultra-marathons, international surfing competitions, worked for a development rugby club, and participated at Olympic qualifying events.

Chiropractic has enabled him to work in South Africa, Peru and Malaysia, in different styled clinics which have all been important to better understand how to help patients.
Since qualifying, he has continued to be involved with sports events and athletes.  While in Peru, he worked as a volunteer with the Peruvian Olympic Selection for two and half years.

Dr. Colin was proud to have participated in an active community service programme with his colleagues providing chiropractic care to the children and caregivers in an orphanage in Peru. He was also involved in different events to provide chiropractic treatment to underprivileged people in Lima, the Amazon and the Andes.

“The satisfaction of been able to help people return to a life they thought they would never have again is what chiropractic can do for many and has done for me.

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